Quezon: The Tabon Cave and Secluded Isles

Jul 8, 2019 | Travel | 6 comments

Just a mere three hour travel southwest from the city center, Quezon, Palawan is the weekend adventure that you’ve been craving for. Famous for its historical caves, clear waters, and amazing islands.

Walking in a place rich in history left me in awe incomparable to the sweat and effort I exerted just to set foot on the island. The steady climb in the caves is not that difficult thanks to the stairs and places that offer incredible glimpse of the ocean. The seven caves available to the public can be visited within two hours but do be careful on some areas with low ceilings and uneven floors.

Stepping inside one of the larger Tabon caves takes you into a different world where nature comes together in harmony to showcase a unique sight. The sun that shines through the top opening of the cave gives life to the greenery below helping it grow as it reaches out from the sand and rocks. Sitting there for a few moments, taking in the history and the aesthetics of the caves is an experience I will treasure and be forever thankful for.

The tour lasts around an hour or more, but if you’re in no hurry or some of your company need breaks every now and then, it might take three (3) hours. You know the drill with hiking and caving, never go without a canister of water, flashlight, camera, and extra clothes. I highly recommend leggings or long sleeved sports attire to protect you from scratches or bug bites.

After trekking in Tabon’s caverns, the island hopping that came after was more than a refreshing chance of pace:

Masirik Island

  • A small yet captivating island, Masirik Island’s beauty is shrouded in local mystery and legends passed down through generations. There are talks of spirits and mythical creatures living in the island, which isn’t really surprising because of its otherworldly beauty.

Mansaluyan Island

  • This island can hold its own when it comes to allure and charm. The beach is pristine plus the rocks and trees covering the area adds to the majestic view already offered by the ocean.

Long White Sand Beach

  • Though not the longest white beach in Palawan, Quezon’s version is just as captivating. Instead of lying on the white sand, I highly suggest taking a stroll to the end of the Long White Sand Beach where the waters greet you from three sides and an undisturbed view of the vast ocean lies ahead.

Sidanao Beach

  • Sidanao sets the stage for an amazing finale to our island hopping adventure in Quezon. What Sidanao lacks in facilities, it makes up for its cozy cottages and equipment to better enjoy the waters like snorkeling and surfing gear. Grab the opportunity to bask in the sun all day and meet new people who, like you, chose to have an adventure in Quezon, Palawan.

Famous for the Tabon Caves, clear waters and amazing islands, Quezon, Palawan is one of the adventures that you need not to missed. Don’t let “Tabon Caves” remain something that you’ve only read in elementary books, see it with your own eyes.

As we travel back to the Quezon’s port, Tabon Caves slowly disappearing from view, it surprises me that not that many people opt to place the historical caves in their bucket list. The sights that I saw and facts that I learned during the trip are simply wonderful. Grab the chance to experience the stunning municipality of Quezon, Palawan before it’s touched by commercialization.

Environmental Fee

  • Quezonians – Free
  • Palaweño with ID  – P 50.00
  • Domestic Tourist – P 100.00
  • Foreign Tourist – P 100.00

Boat Rental Tariff

  • Package 1 (Tabon Cave, Tataran, Sidanao)
    • 1-6 pax P 1,500.00
    • Tabon Cave Complex 1-6 pax P 1,000.00
    • Additional Island/Boat P 250.00

Note: 7 pax above will be divided into two (2) boats

  • Package 2 (Masirik Island, Tamlangon, Mansaluya)
    • 1-6 pax P 3,300.00
    • Nasirik Island 1-6 pax P 3,000.00
    • Additional Island/Boat P 300.00

Note: 7 pax above will be divided into two (2) boats

  • Package 1+1 (Masirik Island, Tamlangon, Tabon Cave & Tantaran/Sidanao)
    • 1-6 pax P 3,500.00

Note: 7 pax above will be divided into two (2) boats

  • Tabon Cave – Tataran P 1,250.00
  • Tabon Cave – Sidanao P 1,250.00
  • Tabon Cave – Masirik P 3,500.00
  • Tabon Cave – Tamlangon P 3,500.00
  • Tabon Cave – Mansaluyan P 3,500.00
  • Tabon Cave – Double Island P 3,500.00
  • Additional Fee for Overnight P 1,000.00

For bookings, please contact Choy Azares Dignadice at 0916-954-5300 or 0909-334-6413.

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