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Feb 25, 2021 | Outreach | 6 comments

This blog post is timely because we are in September a.k.a. the first month when all Filipinos start to celebrate Christmas. During this season, we bond, give gifts to our family and friends but also pray and remember the birth of Jesus Christ. It is also in this period where we focus on other people especially the less fortunate to extend help so they can experience an enjoyable holiday.

With Palawan BayaniJuan, we started the “BER months” a little too early and extended help to our fellow Palawenos in San Vicente, El Nido and Balabac as you may have seen on my previous Facebook posts. The objective of this outreach drive is to help those whose livelihoods have been affected by the pandemic by giving them relief goods and care packages. The whole team is still raising funds and will continue the drives to support other families in Palawan and those who will start school by giving them supplies.

From the fundraising initiatives to the outreach activities, I really felt the Bayanihan of the Filipinos as we are all ready to help when there are disasters. Everyone is kind enough to offer help by sharing their hard-earned money, time, artistic talents, and efforts. Seeing this with my very own eyes have brought me so much relief and joy that when all else is failing, I know that no Filipino will be left behind.

We first started with soliciting donations and posting infos on different social media sites. When we finally had enough resources, we first delivered the care packages to San Vicente. The funds grew quickly and we collected more funds and donations, and then we were able to visit El Nido and then Balabac. These locations were challenging to go given the distance and numerous transport vehicles that we need to use, but we still continued because we know that a lot of people are in need. 

I know that we will go back to our normal state soon, but I understand it will take a lot of time and patience. Until then, I am posting this blog as a way of encouraging everyone to act as hope for other people through their own ways. 

Palawan BayaniJuan still has a long way to go and we know that we can only do so much, but we know for sure that all these steps that we are doing will initiate other people to do the same. In the coming weeks and months, the team will be focused on delivering school supplies to students but plans on organizing additional drives are already in play. 

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