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Aug 10, 2020 | Health & Fitness | 17 comments

Blogging involves a lot of endorsing different products, places, restaurants, etc. to a wide audience, so investing in my skin is IMPORTANT. Yes, I typed that in capital letters to emphasize it.  Lol! When I resided in Manila and had a short stint in the corporate setting, I had a go-to skin center which I still visit even after going back to Palawan for good. I chose to continue receiving their services because I was not seeing any clinic in Palawan which can give me the same quality of facial treatments. Yes, I sometimes go to Manila just to get my facial done, and yes, I know, it was not a practical thing to do! Lo and behold, I found G Skincare and Aesthetics at the Asturias Hotel. Their clinic is the answer to my prayers, and I am thankful that I found them!

When I first tried their services and treatments, I was amazed. I was treated like a VIP as they offered me refreshments like biscuits with water, coffee, or tea. The clinic is relaxing and sanitary, the staff is approachable and professional, and they most definitely follow the COVID-19 health and safety measures to protect us from the virus.  G Skin does not only offer facial treatments, but also weight loss management and naturopathic therapies. I had a discussion with Genny Gonzales, the Dermatology and Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner and owner of the clinic. If you want to know more, you may visit their Facebook page and go to the “Health, Beauty and Wellness Guide”. Although, I would recommend for you guys to go to their clinic! 

Genny proposed to have me go through their anti-acne procedures and their weight loss management which always make me fresh and rejuvenated. G Skin’s acne treatment follows the 4-skincare regimen for healthy and acne-free skin: CLEANSE, TONE, MOISTURIZE and PROTECT. They also add the holy grail of acne control and anti-aging – RETINOL. Watch out for my videos to know more.

What I love about their facials is they infused it with advanced and painless technology. I super love their oxygen infusion therapy with blue light photodynamic therapy which kills acne bacteria in the skin. It did not hurt me at all! In fact, it made my skin lighter and fresher! The G Skin facial treatments also include the regular facials: cleansing, steaming to open pores and to be able to extract comedones easily and applying the seaweed face mask.

Now, for the weight loss management, they have awesome interventions such as:

  • Mesotherapy
    • Helps melt fats
  • Cryotherapy
    • Kills fat cells via freezing or what we call the apoptosis 
  • HIFU Body Sculpting
    • For tightening 
  • Cavitation
    • Reduces fat cells LCAR Infusion

It is better to undergo non-surgical treatments like the ones mentioned above in lieu of methods that involve cutting skin such as liposuction. G Skin does a synergistic approach to meet desired results, but of course, each person will have different results since it would depend on their compliance. 

Wow, this blog is both experiential and theoretical due to the terms, but I want you guys to be informed of G Skin’s services and how good they are! This goes to show how much I am recommending them for your facial and weight needs. I am sure you will be satisfied with their services too. Visit their clinic now, avail their services and use my promo code everfresh to get a 5% discount!

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