Top 5 Local Cafés in Puerto Princesa

Jan 30, 2020 | Food | 26 comments

Instagrammable cafés have made a mark in the Philippines in the last few years as it provides not only quality photos for everyone’s feeds, but also a space to spend time with family or friends and to do school work while enjoying a delicious hot cup of coffee and appetizing food in a cozy environment! In Palawan, we are known for our wonderful beaches and sceneries and we have become a globally known tourist spot. 

Through this, Puerto Princesa, Palawan’s capital city underwent commercial improvements to give additional choices of chill places for travellers.Although there are improvements, you will still not see Starbucks or Tim Hortons in the corners of Puerto Princesa but there are good cafés where all the locals hang out frequently! Here is a quick guide on the best local cafés in the city. I spent the last few weeks visiting these best cafés and I super enjoyed their interiors, drinks, and food!

Gold Cup

Gold Cup has this rustic vibe that everyone would adore! No wonder why a ton of people, especially yuppies would chill in this place while sipping brewed coffee. The café makes their coffee from scratch and they have their own coffee machine that works the extra magic! Now I know why most of my friends go to this place.

I think the place is really good for meeting friends and at the same time doing some work.  Did I mention that they also serve mouth watering pastries? What I loved the most is their homemade churros with chocolate dip! With the cozy vibe, Gold Cup is good for bookworms too as they can read up as long as they want.  I’m sure you will not regret visiting this place and you would most likely end up returning because of the vibe, pastry and coffee selections!

Eighty Nine Café

Eighty Nine Café has a delectable selection of food and drinks! You will surely be surprised with the uniqueness of their food and drink presentations. The overall vibe of this place is relaxing which is good for chill lunch outs and dinners!

This café serves SPAM fries! I’m sure everyone will not miss ordering this. I mean, who doesn’t love SPAM, right?  They do not only serve this type of food but they have things like rain coffee, unicorn tears,, truffle rockefellar pasta, beef ragu, matcha espresso, and many more!

Itoy’s Coffee Haus 

Itoy’s is well-known as it is the longest running local coffee shop in Puerto! If you’re craving for Filipino inspired food for breakfast till dinner, I’ll definitely recommend you to go to their shop and try out their menu and most especially their specialty coffee!  This is a homegrown go-to cafe for Palaweños where the sizzling Bulalo, coffee, and pastries are to die for!

I personally love going to this cafe ever since I was young and even now that I’m in my 20s, and the food and drinks remain with its delectable taste!

Three Dames

For the minimalists out there, Three Dames is a good place for you to chill! You will not just love their menu where you can order braised pork, barbecue beef ribs, hazelnut ice blended, cookies and cream, and matcha frappuccinos, and brownie ala mode for their best selling dessert, but you will love their customized couch with throw pillows where you could lounge or work with friends!

White Fence

This place made me think about my mom as she’s into antique and classic stuff. I think the café represents Filipino-Spanish heritage and it resonates all over the house. The house was preserved in all its glory and you will surely enjoy its interior as much as I did! White Fence is situated on the ground floor of an inn called Purple Fountain and they have room accommodation with colorful bedrooms!

Everyone will surely have an enjoyable time at White Fence because of their food selection: Bicolano Laing, Chicharon Bulaklak, Mozzarella Cheese Sticks, Honey Mustard Salad, Bolognese, Mango Shake, and many more! These are just a few of the mouthwatering dishes that they can offer to customers and while the adults are enjoying their food, children will enjoy their time too as they have a playground! Wow! 

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