One of the very few hidden gems in Puerto Princesa is tucked on the edge of the magnificent forest away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This gem is called Kusina ni Tito Ernie— a unique, family-run restaurant. It gives a modern twist to every day home-cooked comfort food– serving the freshest, most delicious and nutritious meals made from local produce that will surely satisfy your taste buds and fill your belly. In fact, behind every food they serve lies an amazing story. Who wouldn’t want to dine in a restaurant wherein you could be your truest self, just like when you’re with your family? It just feels like home. This place is artistically designed and will provide you with a cozy ambiance, pulling off the genuine “probinsya” feels!


My personal favorite dish is their Homemade Bacon, which is smoked to perfection! Match it with their signature “Sampalok” juice that is made from fresh local ingredients for a gastronomic experience you’ll surely love!


Tip: if you’re looking for a place to find great local products and handicrafts, Rurungan sa Tubod is the place to be! It is a weaving center located beside Kusina Ni Tito Ernie that you should visit after a sumptuous meal. The Rurungan Sa Tubod Foundation was established by the founder’s family in 1999 with the goal of rejuvenating traditional textile and providing alternative livelihood for women as their support to their local community. Also, it would be a privilege to meet the growing community of local entrepreneurs at the Rurungan Sunday Market, held every first Sunday of the month. Check out their handwoven products and support the weavers. Let’s keep the weaving art alive!

Try out my new favorite place – A’s Beauty Cafe; with a salon on one side and the café outside, you get the best of both worlds! Just like anyone, I was hesitant at first with the idea of venturing into a new salon but the friendly faces of the staff and the charming setup turned my ‘maybe’ into a solid ‘yes’.

When I stepped into the salon area, it was incredibly cozy compared to other salons. It’s the little details that sets them apart from the other established salons here in Palawan. For my spa day, I chose the highly recommended “A-List experience” complete with a haircut, manicure, pedicure and foot spa. With the quality of service and the equipment used, I was pleasantly surprised at how affordable the whole experience was.

After hours of pampering, I couldn’t help but crave for the food being served at the café. Since it is technically my cheat day, why not? So I tried all their bestsellers and it was worth all the calories. I highly recommend the following products and services at A’s Beauty Café.

Salon Services:

  • Haircut – Php 99.00
  • Manicure – Php 89.00
  • Pedicure – Php 99.00
  • Foot Spa – Php 399.00

Café Bestsellers:

  • Mango Graham Cups – Php 139.00
  • S’mores – Php 99.00
  • Cheesy Chicken Fries – Php 139.00
  • “Buttherb” Chicken – Php 139.00
  • Buffalo Wings – Php 139.00
  • Chicken Tenders – Php 139.00
  • Beef Steak – Php 149.00
  • A’s Pink Fizzy Mocktail – Php 99.00

A’s Beauty Café is located at Junction 1, Puerto Princesa – the very definition of convenient. For the complete price list, please visit their Facebook page A’s Beauty Cafe.