Who is Kurt?

Kurt is best described with 3 As — Artist, Athlete, and Advocate. He started blogging in 2015 about anything that catches his eye or interest. Currently, his blog contents are focused on promoting his beautiful hometown as he believes there is a lot to see, explore and experience in Palawan. Other categories on his website include food, lifestyle, travel, fitness, and outreach activities which can serve as references for everyone on where to go or eat, and what to do to lose weight! Through all his works as an artist, he was able to gather a good number of followers on social media.

Before publishing content on the web in his teenage years, Kurt focused on playing badminton from elementary to high school where he worked hard to play with varsity teams and join school tournaments. As an athlete at a very young age, he knows the value of maintaining good health and an active lifestyle, which is why he established a group called “All-Star Badminton Club (ASBC)” that advocates in helping young kids in Palawan who doesn’t have the necessary resources to be an athlete and acquire professional training in the sport that they really love.

He organizes badminton tournaments to raise funds for various causes which has helped numerous people in Palawan and in some locations in the Philippines. He not only uses his time, energy, and resources in supporting our youth today regarding sports, but he is also an advocate of HIV awareness and providing help to those who are struck with natural calamities. It doesn’t end there as he is also a part of the Rotaract Club of Puerto Princesa Central where he joins fundraising and outreach activities to provide support for those who are in need.

Kurt spends much of his time managing ASBC, holding badminton tournaments to support the youth and some causes, and working with different groups for many of his advocacy. He regularly updates this website on post-worthy places, events, food and many more!

For inquiries or collaborations, feel free to send an email at [email protected]

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